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Services : Welcome
  • Bath, dry, nails, anal glands and ears cleaned/plucked, brushing

    Starting at $30
  • Bath service plus trimming around face, feet, fanny, and feathers

    Stating at $45
  • Everything with the full haircut of your choice taking hair off body

    Starting at $55
  • Cat baths include bathing, drying, brushing, nails, and ears cleaned.

    starting at $40
  • Bath plus shaving of belly, pads, and privates

    Starting at $65
  • Bath service, blow dry, and lion cut

    Starting at $80
  • Nails clipped or filed

    $10 Cat $15 Dog
  • External expressing of the anal glands

    10 US dollars
  • Brushing of the teeth (Only a $5 charge if added to a full service)

    8 US dollars
  • $40 1st time includes bottle to take home, anytime after is $15

    45 US dollars

  • 15 US dollars
  • Permeant pet safe hair dye prices vary

    price varies
  • Price varies due to excessive matting or blowing of coat

    $10 per 15 mins
  • Brushout of the undercoat only

    20 US dollars
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