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About us

April 1st, 2016 we opened up Fluffy Dog Cozy Cat salon. After the first year open, the business hit it off and Christine Deitz (owner and groomer) couldn't keep up herself. Then her daughter, Kendra Deitz joined her. Still unable to keep up with everyone, Katelyn Martin joined our team as well! All of us are animal lovers and owners and make sure we treat your pets as our own would be!
So here we are now still loving our job and your pets! Welcome to Fluffy Dog Cozy Cat Salon!

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Meet our team

We all have our strong points and try to match you with the best groomer for you and your pet


Christine Deitz

Christine (Chris) is certified in the sporting breed and even has her own English springer spaniel and spoiled bichon. Shes great with older dogs and has a gentle touch for difficult to groom dogs. She also does cats and is willing to always try to groom any pet but cares for the well being and safety of not only the team here, but your pets as well!

Kendra Deitz

Kendra got 1st place in 1st timers competition in 2014 with a Scottish terrier. She is great with the terrier breeds and enjoys grooming them! Having a rescue pitbull and rottweiler of her own she's also good with powerful or sometimes aggressive dogs. She loves to make a mess blowing out double coated breeds such as huskys and does most of the larger dogs we see and also works with cats.


Katelyn Martin

A background with breeding and competing with her German Shorthaired Pointer and Jack Russell Terriers. She loves to groom Poodles and Schnauzers and is always eager to learn the proper standards of any breed!

Melissa Auger

Missy has always loved dogs yet never knew her passion to work with them! Bathing can be tough and youll always catch her soaked yet always gentle and loving with any animal she is around!


Melanie Feltner

Melanie has been grooming for 17 years and been in this area grooming for almost as long. She loves Pomeranians having a few of her own! Cocker spaniels, shihtzus, Pomeranians, and even cats she enjoys to groom!

About us: Team Members
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